2023-02-10 11:30

  3C electronic products have become an indispensable part of people's life. With the increasing demand, the development of 3C electronic industry is more and more rapid. In order to ensure the output and product quality, it is necessary to use machine vision detection system. Its precise detection technology greatly promotes the rapid development of machine vision detection system in 3C industry.
  The automation requirements of China's 3C industry are mainly in parts processing, such as the manufacturing of functional components such as glass panel, mobile phone case, PCB, assembly and testing, labeling of components and whole machine, etc. The present situation is the automatic processing of parts, and all of them are small parts of automation, most of them are manual.
  Taking mobile phone communication as an example, the production of mobile phone is divided into three parts: mounting, testing and assembling, with a total of more than 80 processes. Each process has high requirements for the production environment, so the workshop has temperature and humidity, electrostatic protection and other equipment. In millions, there's a basis for the introduction of robots. The technology and equipment of parts manufacturing including some mobile phone shell, glass and cover plate are quite mature, which has high possibility and operability of automation development.
  In the mass production of 3C electronic products, in order to improve the production efficiency and achieve accurate and rapid quality inspection, machine vision detection system technology is used. Products with different characteristics can be inspected as follows.
  1.以产品结构特征为基础进行检查,通过机器视觉来检查3c产品生产线上如结构缺失,精冲漏冲检测等的情况。检查时,先利用合格产品创建一个模板,在被检查产品与标准产品的图像成像面积进行比较,正确判断 3C产品结构以及外形形状。
  Based on the structural characteristics of the product, check the 3C product production line by machine vision, such as structure missing, fine blanking and missing punch detection. During the inspection, a template is created by using the qualified products, and the image imaging area of the inspected product and the standard product is compared to correctly judge the structure and shape of 3C product.
  Based on the appearance quality characteristics of the product surface, the machine vision inspection system is used to inspect the wear, crack, scratch and depression on the surface of the product. After that, the product quality can be graded or judged, and corresponding measures can be made.
  Inspection is based on the spatial characteristics of products. In manufacturing industry, the inspection of product size is usually based on whether the product has the correct shape or is within the allowable range. The inspection method mainly involves the geometric characteristics of the inspected products, such as roundness, direction, position, shape, and so on.
  With the gradual penetration of machine vision inspection system in 3C electronic industry, the whole market has been developed rapidly. The visual inspection technology can quickly respond to the changes of 3C market and the iterative updating of products, precise detection ability and high-quality product management and quality control.