2023-02-10 11:24

  Before customizing automatic packaging equipment, enterprises should first evaluate whether their pain point is the waste of packaging quality, personnel efficiency, packaging materials or transportation costs, or the need to optimize space utilization, so as to fundamentally solve the problem. How to improve the order packaging process from multiple dimensions such as operation efficiency, packaging quality, cost optimization and green environmental protection will become the key to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise supply chain in the future.


  Of course, only by considering the logistics system as a whole, designing and building an automatic order packaging system, can enterprises give full play to its function and value. Due to the complex process of order packaging, including packing box selection, product input, review, filler input, printing invoice documents, inserting advertising leaflets, sealing boxes, pasting express face sheets, etc., it has always been a relatively labor-intensive link in the logistics center, and it is also the bottleneck affecting the operation efficiency of the logistics center. No matter in B2B or B2C industry, the order packaging link of enterprise logistics center often faces many challenges, such as low personnel efficiency, high error rate, unstable packaging quality, insufficient product protection, large area of packaging area and so on.
  一、自动化包装提高作业效率Automatic packaging to improve operation efficiency
  Taking retail and e-commerce industries as an example, the order structure of such enterprise customers varies greatly, and packaging workers need to have certain work experience to accurately and quickly complete some processes from packaging box selection to sealing. Even skilled workers can achieve no more than 60-80 boxes of goods per person per hour. The efficiency of automatic packaging equipment is much higher. For example, the automatic sealing machine can handle more than 800 boxes of goods per hour, which is equivalent to the operation efficiency of 10 ~ 14 packaging workers.
  At the same time, the task of packaging post is heavy, which belongs to heavy physical repeated labor, which is very easy to cause work fatigue and labor-related injury of operators. Moreover, in the face of the selection and management of more than a dozen box types, manual judgment is more likely to make mistakes. Many modern logistics centers have adopted storage, sorting and sorting systems with a high degree of automation. However, the order packaging link is still at the level of manual packaging, which has become the bottleneck of the efficiency of the whole logistics center, greatly reducing the overall efficiency of the logistics center. If some orders with uniform specifications can be automatically packaged, it will greatly improve the overall order processing efficiency of the logistics center, reduce the working pressure of packaging workers and reduce the dependence on personnel.
  二、自动化包装保证包装质量 Ensure packaging quality
  The quality of manual packaging completely depends on the technical level and experience of packaging workers, so it is easy to be uneven. Artificial cartons are usually made up and down. The structural strength of the cartons is relatively low and the resistance to damage is poor. The protection of the products is mostly done by filling the inflatable bags manually or protecting the foam. The traditional inflatable bag or foam occupies too much space, resulting in high vacancy rate in the package, wasting the transportation cost, or unable to fix the product in the carton. The transportation will cause sloshing and become a potential safety hazard. In case of long-distance transportation or violent sorting, especially in the peak period of delivery such as "June 18", the damage rate of ordinary flip carton packaging is relatively high, which can not play a good role in protecting the products. Therefore, the resulting customer complaints often disturb the enterprise and bring a lot of negative effects on the brand image of the enterprise.
  To solve these problems, automated packaging equipment provides a full set of packaging solutions from carton forming to carton sealing and product protection. The packaging machine adopts the heaven and earth cover carton to achieve better product protection, and can realize the automatic forming of the carton, put in and fix the heat shrinkable film. After the order product is put into the carton, the product is firmly fixed at the bottom of the carton through the drying channel shrinkage heat shrinkable film. No matter how bumpy it is during transportation, the product will not shake in the carton. At the same time, easy tear strips are designed at the bottom of the carton to facilitate users' unpacking, prevent products from being unpacked and swapped during transportation, and ensure the safety of products.
  三、多元探索优化成本Diversified exploration and optimization cost
  The cost optimization of packaging needs to be considered from many aspects, including: the rise of reverse logistics cost caused by packaging damage and customer rejection; The cost of personnel is rising year by year. The cost of packaging workers in first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai has exceeded 100000 yuan per capita per year. Moreover, due to the large mobility of personnel, enterprises are facing difficulties in recruitment, training and management; The cost of packaging materials and fillers is also high and easy to waste. At present, there are many fillers in manual packaging and the vacancy rate in the packaging is high, resulting in enterprises paying a lot of unnecessary freight costs for transporting "air"; In addition, the packaging area covers a large area. In addition to the workbench, the packaging platform also needs to consider the channel for storing packaging materials and replenishment. In logistics centers with large orders such as e-commerce and third-party logistics, the floor area of the packaging platform can even reach thousands or even tens of thousands of square meters, which also increases the construction cost or rental cost.
  Enterprises need to comprehensively consider the above factors when choosing a set of appropriate order packaging solutions. For the problems of packaging quality and personnel efficiency, the above has been covered and will not be repeated. From the perspective of saving packaging materials, the choice of Tiandi cover carton is a more economical scheme in the market at present. It saves 7% of consumables compared with the up and down flip carton and up to 35% of consumables compared with a molded carton.
  In the future, with the upgrading of enterprise logistics, the packaging link will also develop in the direction of automation and intelligence. Only by considering the overall logistics system, designing and building an automatic order packaging system, can enterprises give full play to its function and value. Shandong Hongbao Automation Co., Ltd. will customize suitable automatic packaging solutions according to the different needs of enterprises.