2023-02-10 11:24

  Intelligent three-dimensional storage is the key system to realize high-efficiency logistics and large-capacity storage. It plays an important role in modern production and commodity circulation. For different industries, intelligent three-dimensional warehousing also has different types.


  1、 Why do we do intelligent three-dimensional storage?
  Save land
  Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse can greatly reduce the land use area and reduce the land cost. Compared with ordinary warehouse, general intelligent three-dimensional warehouse can save more than 40% of the land area.
  Unmanned operation saves labor
  In China, where the labor cost increases with the times and the demographic dividend gradually disappears, the intelligent storage equipment system realizes unmanned operation. Compared with ordinary warehouses, it can not only greatly save human resources and reduce human costs, but also achieve better management.
  Software management to avoid loss
  The system uses computer for storage management, which can record and monitor the data of goods in storage, and can easily turn over and check the dead materials first in first out, so as to reduce the error rate.
  Account and actual synchronization to save funds
  The management system can synchronize the account and the actual situation, and can be combined with the enterprise intranet. The enterprise only needs to establish a reasonable inventory to ensure the smooth whole production process, so as to greatly improve the company's cash flow and reduce unnecessary inventory.
  Automatic control to improve efficiency
  The goods in and out of the system are automatically controlled by computer software, which can quickly and accurately transport the goods to the designated position, reduce the time for vehicles to be loaded and unloaded, greatly improve the storage and turnover efficiency of the warehouse and reduce the storage cost.
  System management to improve image
  The establishment of the system reflects the comprehensive strength of an enterprise and is also the industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 being advocated by the state. It can not only improve the system management level of the enterprise, improve the overall image of the enterprise and its position in the eyes of customers, but also win a larger market for the enterprise and create greater wealth for the company.
  Style of intelligent three-dimensional storage
  Vertical rotary cabinet warehouse
  The vertical rotary cabinet warehouse is widely used in military manufacturing, automobile production, electronic processing and other industries. The computer system is used for networked control, scheduling and management, and connected to the roller conveyor line, which can continuously provide the transportation of various parts for the assembly production line.
  Vertical lifting cabinet warehouse
  The difference between the vertical lifting container warehouse and the rotary warehouse is that all cargo spaces in the rotary warehouse are moving, but the cargo spaces in the lifting warehouse are fixed, and only the lifting pallet is used for cargo access. The lifting warehouse can form a modular form and can be combined freely, so it is very easy to form a small three-dimensional warehouse and distribution center system. It has the advantages of flexible control mode, fast access speed and high space utilization.
  Multi layer horizontal rotary vertical storehouse
  The multi-layer horizontal rotary vertical warehouse adopts the S-type rotary intelligent three-dimensional storage mode, which is mainly connected by multiple rows of shelves. Each column of shelves is composed of multi-layer goods grids, which looks like S-type rotation as a whole. It has the characteristics of saving space resources, reducing manual transportation costs, low picking error rate, fast access to goods, high warehouse management level and low equipment maintenance costs.
  M-type rotary vertical silo
  Each column of M-type rotary vertical warehouse is applicable to the connection of steel wire rope or chain into S-type. The size of storage location is basically the same as that of vertical warehouse. It has a very large storage capacity and is used to access goods. The speed of sequential access is relatively fast.
  P-type rotary vertical silo
  The p-type rotary vertical warehouse adopts the two axis method of front and rear layout. The containers are placed on the pallet, which can pick the containers. The goods can be accessed by forklift to realize the function of continuous operation.
  Types of intelligent three-dimensional storage
  Through three-dimensional library
  The through three-dimensional warehouse can also be called the mobile automatic three-dimensional warehouse. It is a dense warehouse structure. Each shelf is connected with each other. There is no redundant channel. It is close together to form a shelf as a whole. The advantage of this treatment is that it can save space and store more things in the existing space, which is also a feature of the through three-dimensional library.
  Automatic cabinet type three-dimensional library
  Automatic cabinet type three-dimensional library is a small closed three-dimensional library. Its larger characteristics are small volume, intelligence and good sealing. It has strong confidentiality. It is especially suitable for storing some documents, materials, valuables and other products.
  Cell repository
  This three-dimensional library is also a three-dimensional library with wide use and strong universality in the market. Its feature is that the shelves on each floor are composed of goods grids of the same size. The opening of the cargo compartment faces the channel, which is to facilitate the access of later mechanical equipment and improve the overall work efficiency.