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  Non standard automation equipment is the only way for industrial development. It has great potential to help manufacturing enterprises improve production efficiency and efficiency. Plant equipment and automation are integrated and inseparable. So what is the most important in the process of customizing non-standard automation equipment?
  In fact, it is also simple, one is the market, the second is the product, the third is the price, the fourth is the delivery time and the fifth is the service.
  1、 Market
  With the increasing demand of automation enterprises, it is more urgent for enterprises to realize automation. There is a demand for market. The automation industry has a wide range of products, such as electrical components, pneumatic components, sensors, mechanical parts, etc.; standard functional equipment, such as: manipulator, robot, conveyor belt, etc.; fixture, such as: supporting equipment and machinery People's fixture; non-standard equipment and non-standard production line class, factory overall solution class.
  2、 Products


  If you want to stand out in the industry, excellent product technology and core advantages are effective ways to capture enterprises. Non standard automation equipment is designed and developed according to the needs of the enterprise, so it is essential to understand the needs of customers in the early stage. Through in-depth communication with customers, we can understand the detailed requirements, and then design a scheme that meets the customer's expectations.
  Non standard automation is a kind of equipment or production line customized to meet the needs of customers' production process. The key technology of non-standard automation is a set of reasonable, stable and efficient solutions.
  3、 Price
  Users are most concerned about the price of the equipment. We all know that the value of non-standard automation equipment products varies from high to low, and even very different. The low price can be purchased in tens of thousands, and the high price may reach millions. Among them, the key factor is the functionality of non-standard automation equipment. It is obvious that the more complex the function, the higher the price.
  4、 Delivery date
  Delivery time refers to the time of delivery, which must be established within a reasonable range. For a newly established production line, the delivery time of European series is generally about 8 months (the men of European series are determined not to work overtime), and the delivery time of Japanese series is generally about 6 months.
  The non-standard delivery time is generally determined by the following links: one month from the beginning of the project to the BOM, one month for the assembly of parts, and one month for the installation and commissioning. Some time can be compressed, but it is better not to compress the time of some links, such as scheme design and debugging, because these two are creative work, and the more time is available, the more perfect it will be.
  Therefore, if enterprises want to implement automation projects, it is better to reserve about half a year, which also includes business and process time. This time requirement is reasonable. It will get twice the result with half the effort to reserve a reasonable delivery time for the manufacturer.
  5、 Service
  The service of non-standard automation equipment includes pre-sale and after-sale service. In addition to excellent technology, engineers should have good moral cultivation. The key is to solve problems in time when customers need engineers. This has always been the service concept of Hongbao automation company.
  Manufacturing is the foundation of a powerful country, automation and intelligent network information is the development trend, non-standard automation equipment is the most suitable equipment customized for enterprises, practical and efficient.