2023-02-10 11:26

  With the continuous progress and breakthrough of 3D vision navigation technology in practicability, robustness and measurement accuracy, it has become the "eye" of AGV transport robot, which is equipped with a pair of eyes for the application of artificial intelligence era, so that the machine can better perceive the three-dimensional space, and learn to locate and walk.
  The 3D vision navigation scheme used by AGV transport robot has prominent advantages in terms of cost, safety demands and technology
  In terms of cost, electromagnetic navigation needs environmental transformation, and the construction and maintenance cost is high; magnetic bar navigation and two-dimensional code navigation need to install two-dimensional code and reflection plate on the ground respectively, and the cost is also high; when 3D visual navigation is applied, there is no need to carry out environmental reconstruction construction, so the maintenance cost is low, and the price is also relatively low compared with the combined laser.
  In terms of safety, the principle of 3D vision navigation is to use bionics principle to get synchronous exposure image through calibrated dual cameras, and obtain three-dimensional information within a field of vision through calculation.
  Compared with laser planar scanning, 3D vision navigation is easier to cope with many environmental changes, and obstacle avoidance is more flexible.
  In addition, 3D visual navigation has no contact with the observed objects, so it will not cause any damage to the observed and observed objects, which is very safe and reliable.
  AGV小车在完成自动化搬运装卸作业时,除了要保证AGV 自身安全以及AGV各功能的正常运行,还要在最大可能的范围内保护人员和运行环境设施的安全。
  In order to ensure the safety of AGV itself and the normal operation of AGV functions, it is also necessary to protect the safety of personnel and operation environment facilities in the maximum possible range when the AGV car completes the automatic handling and loading operation.
  This kind of security demands can be well met by 3D visual navigation scheme.
  3D vision navigation technology can effectively avoid most of the shortcomings of other traditional AGV transport robot navigation scheme, and has great advantages in the design and landing execution scheme of AGV transport robot.