2023-02-10 11:28

  CCD vision detection system is an important embodiment of AI revolution in artificial intelligence, which has shifted from academic research to commercial field. CCD vision inspection system has been widely used in automatic weld detection in the field of welding, or to control the welding path accuracy of welding equipment in the welding process, or to check the welding effect after welding.
  In order to realize intelligent manufacturing industry, it is also necessary to accumulate data in the process of automation system operation to form industrial big data. Through the analysis of these data, the system can be continuously fed back and corrected, so that the operation of the whole system will be more intelligent.
  First, small but powerful processor platforms are reducing the cost of traditional machine vision systems.
  Secondly, with the help of powerful, low-cost and energy-efficient processing technologies, new image sensors are rapidly developing to meet the needs of industrial imaging applications such as optical inspection and industrial automation.
  The laser vision sensor is selected as the sensor of automatic seam tracking system, which has the advantages of initiative, non-contact, three-dimensional information of objects, high sensitivity and high anti electromagnetic interference ability. The seam surface information is collected and input into the computer through the image acquisition card, and then the control signal is obtained through the computer analysis and processing The motion control card transmits the control signals to the two axes of the walking mechanism driven by the stepping motor to control the movement of the welding gun.
  It is understood that the innovation of the system is mainly reflected in three aspects: the realization of high-precision positioning of welding seam by 3D vision, weld quality inspection by 3D vision and real-time control of weld tracking process by high-precision servo system.
  Two core technical indicators have reached the international leading position, one is the image accuracy, the depth direction reaches 0.02mm, the transverse direction reaches 0.02mm; the other is the servo system control accuracy, its positioning accuracy reaches 10um, the positioning speed reaches 10m / min.
  At present, the CCD vision inspection system laser seam tracking detection system is not only used in the automobile manufacturing industry, but also widely used in the welding of oil and gas pipelines, the welding processing of rocket and spaceship components, which will play an important role in promoting the high-end precision manufacturing industry in China.