2023-02-10 11:28

  With the increasing demand for dairy products, the scale, standardization, mechanization and organization of dairy industry have been greatly improved, and the quality supervision has been strengthened. The OCR character visual inspection system of machine vision has made positive contributions to the quality of dairy products.
  The machine OCR character vision detection system detects the spray code characters of milk packaging. When it detects that there is a character error in the spray code of milk packaging, the system sends a signal to the alarm device for alarm or shutdown processing.
  OCR character detection system is installed in the milk automatic packaging production line;
  When entering the visual inspection station after code spraying on the package, the machine vision sensor was triggered to shoot the three-phase spray code pictures on the top of milk packaging and sent them to the system. The automatic detection system extracted and analyzed the pictures and compared them with the set character image features of good products;
  When the vision system detects that the milk packaging spray code is unqualified, the system sends a signal to the rejection device to give rejection processing and alarm prompt.
  Test conditions
  In product testing, there is a certain tolerance space in the field of view, but it does not mean that the target can appear arbitrarily in the field of view. At least, it is necessary to ensure that all detection features appear in the field of view and have a certain tolerance space, so as to find features easily. We can set the corresponding visual size according to the specific requirements, select the appropriate resolution camera, and then recognize the spray code. According to the requirements, we set the field of vision to 150 * 120mm. The working distance of the lens is set to 350mm, and the distance of the light source is set to 280mm, so that there is a larger working space.
  Detection interface
  The application of OCR character visual inspection system in milk production line can not only quickly detect the date spray code of milk packaging, but also timely eliminate the unqualified products with date spray code, which can improve the production efficiency and detection accuracy, and greatly save the labor cost.
  Manual detection of production date spray code defects, labor intensity, low level of intelligence, low efficiency, OCR character visual inspection system to achieve the desired detection results of milk products production date missing code, fuzzy code and other defects detection.