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  The machine vision inspection system has been relatively mature from the early stage of development to the present. Recently, a large cement manufacturer has paid more attention to it. In order to improve the production efficiency and product quality, it chooses to use multi-sensor system to detect the defects of fiber cement board online.
  This news was immediately spread in the industry, and many colleagues were inspired by it. This year's economic situation is affected by the new crown epidemic, so that many enterprises suffered huge losses. The emergence and application of machine vision detection system can help enterprises fundamentally solve the problem of employing people. The traditional way of replacing manual detection with machine online detection not only realizes the intelligent production line, but also effectively improves the overall production efficiency and saves the total cost of the company.
  On line inspection solution of building materials based on machine vision
  The maximum size of fiber cement board used in the construction industry is 13000 x 6000 mm, and each production line operates at a speed of up to 130 m / min, with a total of 7 production lines in operation. Many small holes and debris often appear at the top and bottom of the fiber cement board. Engineers need to inspect the surface quality of the fiber cement board in high-speed movement.
  At present, it is the operator on duty to detect this problem manually. The challenge is that the cost of manual detection is high, error prone and inefficient, which greatly increases the cost of the company.
  The engineer needs to detect the following defects of cement board, including:
  Is there a small hole (greater than 2x2x2mm) and its size at the top and bottom of the slab
  Is there any small debris (greater than 2x2x2mm) and its size at the top and bottom of the slab
  Are there large debris (greater than 10 x 10 x 10 mm) and their size at the top and bottom of the slab
  在7条生产线上,每条产线均应用了12台Gocator 3D线激光轮廓传感器组网。每个传感器组网系统在产线顶部安装了4台大视野Gocator 2380传感器,在底部安装了8台 2180传感器。
  In 7 production lines, each production line has applied 12 sets of gocator 3D line laser profile sensors networking. Each sensor networking system is equipped with 4 sets of gocator 2380 sensors at the top of the production line and 8 sets of 2180 sensors at the bottom.
  Using the built-in point cloud location tool, determine the minimum and maximum value of cement board, and detect its maximum and minimum defects
  使用点云截面工具测量有缺陷的水泥板尺寸 (宽x高x深)
  Use point cloud cross section tool to measure the size of defective cement board (W x H x D)
  Measure the height and width of the defect using the contour dimension tool
  The surface defects of fiber cement board were scanned by gocator
  Advantages of machine vision inspection system
  1) Through the calibration and splicing function of multi-sensor network, the object with super large field of vision can be scanned without scanning dead angle
  2) Obtain high precision 3D scanning data and accurate measurement data
  3) Built in rich measurement tools, no need to develop other tools
  4) The integrated design integrates scanning, measurement and control without additional controller or industrial PC to maintain the lowest system cost
  5) It has been pre calibrated before delivery, and can be scanned and measured after unpacking
  6) Easy to integrate with existing plant systems
  Machine vision inspection equipment can effectively save labor costs, improve product quality and consistency, with high return on investment. The sensor function enables scanning the entire surface of the fiber cement board, including the top and bottom, at minimum system cost. Built in rich measurement tools, no need for additional software development, simple detection.