2023-02-10 11:24


  According to the situation of the welding industry, manual welding is the dominant factor. Due to the wide variety of welding quality, problems such as weld overlap, slag inclusion, undercut, large amount of weld misalignment, and weld blunt edge often occur. The weld quality deviation caused by various reasons causes great difficulties for automatic welding. To break through these difficulties, it is necessary to combine 3D machine vision and time-based power control system to improve the effect of automatic welding.



  Using machine vision in the welding industry can achieve the following effects:


  More extreme digital image processing


  In the testing standard, the fine production technology is essential for the welding line technology. Reasonable image processing system software is the core component of excellent welding line machine. In order to better give high-quality weld seam conditions and process safety, it is necessary to hand over a large number of regulations on precision and speed to the machine vision system. The machine vision system has excellent use mode, reliability and high precision of visual effect optimization algorithm. The high precision can reach the definition block, but it can reliably solve the very short cycle.


  Very accurate target location


  Even in very difficult situations, the machine vision system can get very accurate target parts. This kind of visual software facing graphics is much better than other products in terms of technology and mode. Using this kind of machine vision optimization algorithm, the characteristics of low saturation (such as the contour) can also be identified quickly, with high accuracy. It is not necessary to solve the linear analysis of the thoroughly produced image. In this way, the feature identification can be simplified, the speed of the visual inspection system can be accelerated, and the ductility and reliability can be improved.


  Increasingly common use of inspection


  Machine vision system is applied to weld inspection, which can inspect the positive position and gap of brazing. Specification of solder balls and chromaticity of solder balls; Cheek expansion and contraction, poor surface dirt (plastic wire, etc.) and welding tracking, double wire welding image collection, etc. are applicable.


  The machine vision inspection system has great development potential. It can be effectively combined with the welding robot to achieve the requirements of the welding industry with high quality, high efficiency, high cost performance and safety factor.