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  There is demand, there is market! In recent years, the packaging line automation equipment has been applied to all walks of life, making enterprises benefit a lot. It not only improves the efficiency of production and work, but also promotes the application of automation equipment in all walks of life. Any product can't be separated from packaging. No matter how high or low its value is, it can only be transported and sold after packaging. The grade of packaging directly affects the value of the product.  

  Shandong Hongbao Automation Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R & D and sales of automation equipment and non-standard automation equipment. It can customize reasonable design scheme according to different customer needs and carry out R & D, so as to help enterprises realize the automatic production task of packaging line. At present, in many enterprises cooperating with the company, each customer's products are not the same, some only have one or two specifications, some as many as dozens, and the packaging process is also diverse. According to the actual situation, the models and conveying methods used are also different, and the suitable equipment will be selected according to the characteristics of the enterprise production line.
  In the selection of controller, the first-class general electrical components in the industry will also be selected according to the actual situation of enterprise production, so as to ensure the effective operation for a long time. The programming is as simple as possible, the touch screen is as popular as possible, the operation is convenient and clear at a glance. Under normal circumstances, the whole production line is controlled by the PLC linkage of the main control cabinet and runs automatically, but each section can be switched to the manual mode at special times to meet the needs of debugging and maintenance.
  At the same time, we pay more attention to the safety of the automation equipment itself. We use standard safety barriers for protection. The stacking process section is fully automatic production. There are protective barriers at the periphery, and light screens are installed at the import and export of materials to prevent manual intrusion from causing safety accidents. When the whole assembly line stops running, emergency stop buttons are installed at all control points and places with safety impact to protect personal safety to the greatest extent. Each equipment is in strict accordance with the production safety standards to ensure the safety of the enterprise.
  A complete set of packaging line automation equipment, including product transportation between processes, product material in and out and other functions, in which the end cover pressing equipment, tape sticking equipment, packing box packing equipment, palletizing machinery equipment, angle banding equipment and pallet positioning docking equipment work together to realize the full-automatic and semi-automatic production of the whole line equipment, and reduce the number of operators, Improve labor efficiency and logistics transportation efficiency.
  No matter in terms of management or technology, Shandong Hongbao Automation Co., Ltd. constantly introduces "top-notch" technical personnel, studies and introduces advanced automation technology, so as to ensure the safety and stability of each packaging automation assembly line equipment. I believe that only by constantly improving and improving the quality of mechanical equipment, can we better serve the enterprise and get long-term development. If you need packaging automation assembly line equipment, non-standard automation equipment, please call for advice.