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  With the gradual maturity of 5g technology, "5g + industrial Internet" is accelerating its integration into traditional industries and performing various applications with various forms and powerful functions, enabling the transformation and upgrading of Qianxing Baiye. How can the machine vision inspection system with the help of mobile 5g "kill" the quality defects of products and complete the detection of complex products.
  5g + machine vision, finish the inspection of multi face hub in 20 seconds
  "The full inspection speed of a multi face wheel hub only takes 20 seconds, the accuracy rate is as high as 99.99%, and the defect rate can be reduced to 5 / 10000." "5g + industrial Internet" technology is applied to the quality inspection process of industrial manufacturing enterprises, which can significantly improve the quality inspection efficiency, further reduce the cost, and realize on-line intelligent defect detection and high-precision dimensional measurement of industrial products.
  Taking industrial quality inspection as an example, 5g + machine vision makes enterprise sampling inspection into full product inspection, and changes high-tech and high-intensity work into standardized work, effectively solving the pain and difficulty problems of high-tech and high-intensity product detection in manufacturing enterprises, such as high-precision product detection and difficult manual inspection.
  It is understood that the device can automatically count the total number of detection, total number of defects, defect types and other information, and transmit the information to the cloud, providing data support to meet the needs of different customers. In addition, with the help of 5g, the enterprise quality inspection system can achieve update and upgrade without stopping production.
  The testing time is 7200 pieces / hour, and 5g speed helps enterprises improve quality and efficiency
  At present, machine vision has developed a number of industry application solutions. 5g + machine vision has also realized online intelligent defect detection and high-precision dimension measurement in food, electronics, medicine, health materials and other industries.
  5g intelligent packaging defect detection equipment can complete the detection of food packaging bags from date marking to sealing, empty bags and other defects. At the same time, the real-time generation of packaging bag detection quantity, existing problems and other data in the background, the detection accuracy rate reaches 99.99%. In the past, each production line needed two people to do the quality inspection of packaging bags. After the equipment was put on line, one person could take care of the quality inspection of ten production lines, and the work efficiency was greatly improved.
  5g + artificial intelligence not only solves the problems of low precision, low accuracy and slow detection speed of manual detection, but also indirectly reduces the practical pressure of recruitment difficulties for enterprises by liberating labor force. At the same time, it reduces the labor cost of enterprises and creates favorable conditions for manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the pace of digital transformation.
  "5g + industrial Internet" plays an important role in the process of landing, from traditional network builder and operator to industrial Internet solution provider, and promotes the high-quality development of thousands of industries with the power of information technology.
  Machine vision inspection is the most important and widely used scene in intelligent manufacturing. It can replace manual defect detection, size detection and manipulator disorderly grasping, which has the advantages of "accurate, fast and easy". At the same time, the use of deep learning technology can greatly improve the accuracy of identification, and create favorable conditions for manufacturing enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.