2023-02-10 11:28

  Automatic and intelligent testing is based on a variety of testing technologies in precision machinery, electricity, light, sound and other fields, combined with automatic control, AI visual inspection system equipment, image recognition, deep learning algorithm and other technologies. It is the product of the comprehensive application of multidisciplinary knowledge, and belongs to the technology intensive industry with high technical threshold.
  The series of automatic test system, intelligent visual inspection equipment and other products are constantly enriched, and their application fields are also extended from mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices and other consumer electronic products to the automotive electronics field and 5g communication field. The increase of product categories and the expansion of application fields have laid a solid foundation for future development.
  AI visual inspection system is an appearance defect detection equipment based on AI technology, which has the characteristics of wide coverage of defects and high detection accuracy. Besides FPC appearance inspection, AI visual inspection system can also be applied to FPCA appearance defect detection field with higher degree of non-standard and customization. There is no mature commercial product in this field, and the market space is larger.
  In addition to the existing FPC test field, AI visual inspection equipment has been extended to 5g field. In 5g era, the number of wireless frequency bands increases, and the demand for components such as RF front-end based on MIMO technology increases greatly, which will bring new increment to FPC market.
  At the same time, in the field of communication, the research on high-precision test needle mold based on 5g RF technology is prepared for the automatic RF test of major 5g devices such as high-density connector, RF FPC, ceramic antenna and filter, laying a foundation for the company's future expansion in 5g communication field.
  Based on intelligent technology, the company continues to expand and extend the application field while deeply ploughing into the FPC Industry testing field, and develops to the upstream and downstream product testing fields including chip level, module level and whole machine level. Based on product expansion and application field extension, the company will provide huge space for its growth.