2023-02-10 11:28

  What can visual inspection and recognition system detect and recognize? With this question to understand the components and performance of visual inspection and recognition system.
  The 3D machine vision detection system uses ordinary pixel industrial camera, and also detects low contrast objects in the scene with constant contrast, insensitive to small illumination changes or ambient light. The main product performance includes:
  Choose 16:9 screen display size, plus 10 touch capacitive touch, display full view, touch operation experience is stronger, and capacitor screen is more suitable for industrial scenes with strong electromagnetic interference;
  The resolution of the display image of the all-in-one machine can reach 1920 * 1080, and the picture is clear without ghosting, which can meet the high requirements of accurate and undifferentiated images;
  3.该案例用户采用100W像素工业相机,一体机则采用标准配置J1900 四核CPU/2G+8G便可满足,睿频峰值可达2.0GHz,图像显示高清、不卡顿;
  In this case, the user adopts 100W pixel industrial camera, and the all-in-one machine adopts standard configuration of J1900 quad core CPU / 2G + 8g, the peak of Rui frequency can reach 2.0GHz, and the image display is high-definition without jamming;
  The internal components of the all-in-one machine adopt international famous brands, with better explosion-proof, flame-proof, anti-surge, anti-static and other performance, and support the long-term smooth and stable operation of the detection system.
  With the development of intelligence and unmanned, visual inspection and recognition system is deeply liked by users in two aspects of "defect detection" and "preventive maintenance", which is mainly because this field is a pain point for customers and can directly save a lot of costs for customers. Predictive maintenance is also conducive to avoid major accidents, which is essential for safe manufacturing and production safety.
  The application of visual inspection system in technology and market recognition continues to improve, in the field of industry, machine vision detection and recognition system can replace manual, realize the function of visual positioning, measurement, detection, guidance, recognition.